Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is considered as one of the most effective as well as safe surgeries performed today. Before getting into the details of benefits a patient may get out of it, it is necessary to throw light on various important aspects related to it. 

For example – normal hip activities, reasons for hip pain these are the things that should be taken into account before approaching towards the effects of a hip replacement surgery.

There could be various reasons for which a patient will be advised to go for this surgery. For instance – if he is suffering from acute arthritis, or the hip is damaged due to accident or any other similar condition that is refraining regular activities to a great extent. Sometimes without having any perceptible change in the condition of the hip patients complaint about difficulty in wearing socks and shoes, running for half an hour or so etc.

Initially the patients having any one of the above mentioned complications, are given medication and adequate exercises. However, if the problem does not subside then hip replacement surgery is advised.

Hip replacement surgery gives a painful hip relief from stiffness by increasing motion and chances of getting back to to the normal activities with a sooner effect.

Prosthetic components are used in the place of damaged cartilage and bone after removing the same with the help of Hip Arthroplasty or Hip Replacement Surgery.

There is no specific age limit within which this surgery can be performed. 

Though most patients undergo this surgery between the age of 55 & 80 but it has been successfully performed among people of all ages too.


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